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Historia Exitosa ~ Cliente de Back to the Garden PR

Name: Angie Roeder – Ingles
“I am Angie Roeder, 39 years old and I am the stay at home mom of 2 kids.”
“I had no idea when I first met with Dr. A how much of a life changing event this would be for me. He did more than resolve my knee pain and save me from surgery.  He got me motivated on a path of healthy living that I truly believe will impact me for the rest of my life.”

“Just some of the positive benefits of my new plant-based eating are:

-During the winter, my kids and husband were sick several times with various viruses, colds, etc and I was healthy all winter. I never caught as much as a runny nose  or cough, even though I was the first line of defense taking care of all three while they had lots of really nasty illnesses.

-I have had no seasonal allergies this year, while all the information I have heard and read said this is one of the worst seasons for allergies ever.  I suffered horrible seasonal allergies starting three years ago and have had none at all this year.

-My skin is clearer. This is something I didn’t even notice until someone else pointed it out to me.

-Overall, I have more energy during the day and sleep better at night.
-The less sugar I eat, the less sugar I want. My cravings have nearly gone away and when I do have a sweet treat, I only want a small amount because most things taste too sweet.

-My digestive system is consistent, regular and predictable.  At points I have suffered from IBS in my life.

-I have lost the belly fat that came and stuck around after my two pregnancies. I never thought I’d see a flat stomach again in my life, everyone says it’s impossible to loose. However between the combination of my new eating habits and Power Yoga (thanks to Dr. As recommendation for a consistent dynamic stretching routine to help with my knee) this is no longer an issue for me.

-I didn’t make the changes to lose weight, however that has been a welcome benefit to get rid of a few extra points that were lingering in the wrong places.”

Name: Angie Roeder – En Español

“Soy Angie Roeder, 39 años y actualmente soy una estancia en casa mamá de dos niños.”

“Yo no tenía ni idea cuando me reuní por primera vez con el Dr. A cuánto de un acontecimiento que cambia la vida sería para mí. Hizo algo más que resolver mi dolor en la rodilla y me ahorro de la cirugía. Él me motivó en el camino de la vida sana que verdaderamente creo me va a tener un impacto en el resto de mi vida.”

“Sólo algunos de los beneficios positivos de mi nueva planta de comer son:

-durante el invierno, mis hijos y mi marido enfermo varias veces con diversos virus, resfriados, etc y yo estaba sano todo el invierno. YO nunca tanto como la congestión nasal o tos, a pesar de que tenía la primera línea de defensa teniendo cuidado de los tres mientras que tenían muchas enfermedades realmente desagradable.

-No he tenido alergias estacionales este año, mientras que la información que he oído y leído dijo que esta es una de las peores temporadas de las alergias. He sufrido horribles las alergias estacionales desde hace tres años y han tenido ninguno en todo este año.

-Mi piel es más clara. Esto es algo que ni tan siquiera aviso, hasta que alguien más señalado a mí.

-En general, tengo más energía durante el día y dormir mejor por la noche.

-El menos azúcar ME SIENTO a comer, al menos azúcar que quiero. Mis deseos se han casi desaparecido y cuando tengo un capricho dulce, solo quiero una pequeña cantidad porque la mayor parte de las cosas sabor muy dulce.

-Mi sistema digestivo es consistente, regular y predecible. En los puntos que he sufrido de IBS, en mi vida.

-He perdido grasa del vientre que llegaron y quedarse después de mis dos embarazos. Nunca creí que llegaría un estómago más plano en mi vida, todo el mundo dice que es imposible perder. Sin embargo, entre la combinación de mis nuevos hábitos de alimentación y Power Yoga (gracias al Dr. como recomendación para una constante dinámica ejercicios de estiramiento para ayudar con mi rodilla) esto ya no es un problema para mí.

-YO no los cambios para perder peso, sin embargo, que ha sido un beneficio para deshacerse de unos cuantos puntos extra que se han prolongado en los lugares equivocados.”

I’ve always considered myself a relatively healthy and physically active/fit person. I’ve tried to maintain a good balance of exercise throughout the years, at times it was easier to keep up with than others, but am on a good routine at this stage of my life. However, after having my kids, and reaching my mid-30s, I definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels and how much harder it was to keep my weight at a constant level.

I came to Dr. Asa Frey as a chiropractic patient in November of 2014.  I had started a running program in May of 2014 and several weeks into it started having knee pain.  After seeing three different orthopedists, there was still no conclusive answer to what was causing my pain. I had gone through several rounds of Xrays, an MRI, physical therapy, been prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and given one cortisone shot with no pain relief. The orthopedists said there was nothing else they could do and the only option was to have my knee scoped surgically to find out what might be causing the pain.  I had always been skeptical of chiropractic services, however felt like it didn’t hurt to try if it was going to help me avoid elective surgery.

My first appointment with Dr. A was very encouraging. He was finally able to give me some answers as to what might be causing my pain. He could place his hands directly on my pain points and zero in on the areas that were hurting, none of the orthopedists were ever able to find these points of pain. He was able to use the Graston technique to resolve what he believed to be a small tear in my meniscus that would have been undetectable on any Xrays or the MRI.

Once Dr. A was able to provide pain relief for my knee, we started to talk about nutrition occasionally during my chiropractic appointments. I went to listen to his “Back to the Garden” lecture/discussion through my local moms club in December 2014. It was that night that I left, with his words resonating with me, and knew that I needed to change my eating habits. I always felt like I was a healthy eater and paid attention to eating well, but I ate lots off animal protein (because everyone says that’s what fills you up and keeps you full till the next meal), didn’t pay too much attention to how much sugar I was eating, as long as it “seemed” like a healthy food. But after I heard his talk, I wrote down the names of some books he referenced and blogs he recommended following and it turned out to be a life changing path for me. I started reading the research that proves how all the things we put into our body are effecting our long term and short term health. I have lots of diseases that run in my family including heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. I thought I was keeping myself healthy over the years and came to find out, lots of the things I was still eating were putting me at risk for becoming a victim to all these diseases that run in my family already that I had feared my whole life.

Starting in January 2015, I made the decision to move to a more plant-based diet. The encouragement from Dr. A combined with all the books I had read and recipes I had found online made it seem not so hard to accomplish. I wanted to at least give it a good try. The first thing I did was started making my own oil-free salad dressings. This seemed like a good place to start. I had made homemade dressings before, however they all included oils and sugar, I had no idea how flavorful and easy dressings could be without these unhealthy added ingredients. My original plan was to just limit and cut back on my meat intake, however once I started on this plant-based path, I noticed that whenever I did eat meat ,which was about once or twice a week at the time, my body felt terrible. I would notice immediate changes (heartburn, indigestion, sluggishness). At that point, I decided to eliminate meat completely and eat only vegetarian. I will occasionally have fish, but not more than 1-2 times a month. In addition, I’ve eliminated almost all refined sugar in my diet. I have not been perfect and choose to have a “treat” every now and then, however, if I have too much, I definitely notice a difference.