21 Abril  2020

When humans domesticated animals they brought their diseases with them. Taming cattle (Cows and sheep) gave us measles, killing 200 million people over the past 150 years. Camels gave us small pox. Pigs gave us whooping cough. Domestication of chickens gave us typhoid. Ducks = influenza. Horses = common cold. In fact, throughout history we see a distinct pattern of native communities being wiped off the map due to the diseases which came from the invaders/conquerers. The conquerers had the disease factories (animal farms) and the natives, having no such hubris to manipulate the sacred environmental balance, did not farm animals. And so they perished, all in the name of eating meat. We can change – BE THE CHANGE (paraphrased from Dr. Michael Gregor’s “Pandemics: History and Prevention”

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